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We’ve collated some of the common questions we receive about the Australian Contact Centre industry below.

How big is the Australian Contact Centre industry?

Its difficult to get an exact number given the definition of a contact centre varies greatly within different industries however a widely accepted figure is that within Australia the contact centre industry employs over 250,000 people.

One of the other challenges is that Contact Centres are not seen as a stand alone industry. So people tend to say they work in customer service for example – but that could be in a retail store or a call centre etc.

Why do people work in the Australian contact centre industry?

It would be fair to say that currently most people don’t go to school or university to hopefully one-day work in a contact centre! People typically start their journey as a first job or to earn some money whilst studying through to people looking for a career change.

This is slowly changing though – contact centres offer a great career choice providing a great mix of technology, people and customers!

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What type of people work in the Australian contact centre industry?

Contact centres attract all sorts of people! From people fresh out of school, uni students and actors through to retirees who have decided to return to the work force. Given the  diverse range of contact centres, its also not uncommon to have qualifications relevant to the calls you might be taking e.g. Nurses, Technical Support, Building Advice, Poisons advice, emergency services, financial advice etc.

So why would someone want a career in contact centres?

Contact Centres offer great career opportunities with a huge variety of roles from on the phones, to social media management, HR, Finance, Training, Recruitment, IT, Reporting, Forecasting and more, shifts that offer a flexible work/life balance, fast promotion opportunities, substantial training and development commitments and workplaces that celebrate and reward performance.

In fact according to ItsMyCall (An Australian jobs website that focusses exclusively on the Contact Centre jobs) there are over 60 job types that you will find in a contact centre. Now that’s a lot of choice and room to grow!

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What is the average tenure of someone who works in a call centre?

The widely accepted average is anywhere between 18 months and 3 years. Its now not uncommon though for people to have worked over 20 years in the contact centre industry! 

Turnover can also be high compared to other industries – a widely accepted figure is around 40% per annum.

Why is it sometimes called a contact centre and sometimes a call centre?

In the old days if you worked in a call centre that is predominately what you did – answer calls. These days the ‘contact’ centre has evolved to support multiple forms of contact from customers including Email, Social Medial (e.g. Facebook and Twitter) through to Live Chat and even Video Chat.

So basically call centre is an old term but as its widely known its still very much in use today.

Where can I find businesses that provide services for contact centres in Australia?

There are over 260 businesses that provide products and services for contact centres in Australia. Everything from call centre technology, data and recruitment through to consultants and outsourcing.

You can find all the suppliers in our free CX & Contact Centre Supplier Directory. Its free to browse and connect!


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Aren’t all Australian contact centre jobs going offshore anyway?

It’s true that there has been a number of jobs that have gone offshore, initially to India with now the Philippines and South Africa as the ‘’in’’ location.

But times are a changing! Customers are demanding better levels of service and the competition for consumer spend has never been greater. Its taken a while but companies are now starting to realise that customer service is one of the key decisions in choosing and staying with an organisation.

So now more and more companies are starting to invest in their customer experience to attract and retain customers in an ever increasing competitive marketplace. And with that level of investment there has never been a better time to be involved in the contact centre industry and I hope that by having a look around a site you to will be inspired to join a fantastic industry.

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Where can I find events about the CX & Contact Centre industry in Australia?

We have the only calendar on the internet that collates all the events from the different organisers so you can easily find the next event coming up close to you. Click here to search

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Is there a list of all the Australian call centres?

Sadly no. You can view the list of outsourced call centres in Australia on our Supplier Directory however there is no list that has all call centre locations, sizes etc available.

Is there a list of companies that outsource their call centres to overseas locations?

Not yet, but we hope to launch one very soon! We are working hard on collating all the information and so far we’ve mapped over 200 businesses!

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Where can I find out more?

We have a heap of resources available on this website that many people find useful including:

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