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Contact Centre Champion Nominations

Lets face it there are times when working in contact centre can be tough. And despite the best intentions, its often largely a thankless job. Sure every now and then your Team Leader says thanks, some lollies and pizza get passed around and there may even be a formal Reward and Recognition program in place.

Example of a call centre champion holding a trophyBut lets face it, public adoration, peer acknowledgment and recognition aren’t exactly being dished up in regular intervals. There’s a couple of scattered awards programs out there which are great, but there is some serious effort and a 12 month wait to even get a chance at some recognition.

So I thought stuff it. Lets create a public forum where we can instantly acknowledge when one of us, or a team, steps above the call of duty and does something really special.

Whether its doing something extraordinary for a customer, a colleague who did something extra nice for you, a staff member who reached a milestone, a team that pitched in during a really tough time, setting a new benchmark at work or discovering a great way to keep everyone motivated why not give them a public pat on the back and show that they are appreciated! And what about if you’ve done something you’re proud of? Well don’t be shy! Who knows, by telling others about your success might just be the spark to get your career moving.

So to give someone or a team some special recognition in front of Australia’s call centre community just complete the nomination form below and we’ll find a way to say job well done somewhere on Contact Centre Central. I’m not really sure how this will evolve but lets just run with it and see how we go?


If you know someone who might be interested in submitting a nomination share this page by using one of the buttons below:

Contact Centre Champion nomination form

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