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There is some amazing technology, training and processes that will help you develop an award winning customer experience but sometimes its the things that don’t cost a cent that are the most important! Of course not many people will tell you about them if there is no way to make a dollar out of it… But thankfully thats where we come in!!! A Phonetic Alphabet is a great way to improve professionalism, improve data accuracy and even make your call centre more efficient.

A ‘Phonetic’ what I hear you asking???? Its the universally recognised “A for Alpha B for Bravo” alphabet that makes conversing with a customer a whole lot more professional and saves your staff improvising with the classics like “D” for Dog, ‘C’ for Cat or some more concerning ones like ‘n’ for knife. We have some classics come up on our Facebook Page but you can now also let us know some of the best you’ve heard below in our comments section below the picture.

And if you’re feeling extra creative why not paint a Phonetic Alphabet on your wall!!!

A phonetic alphabet picture on wall

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