Looking for a low cost option to generate leads and improve brand awareness?

We know how difficult it can be trying to get your product or service in front of the contact centre community. Advertising can be expensive with very little returns, networking is becoming harder and harder, Referral sites are squeezing margins and LinkedIn and email lists are becoming all to common to the point they are being mostly ignored.

That’s why we set out to create a comprehensive CX & Contact Centre Supplier Directory that enables customers to source companies at a pace and time that suits them.

People who search our directory are actively looking for your products!

Searching for solutions

Unlike traditional advertising where you put an advertising tile or a text ad in front of potential customers in the hope they might be interested, people that are searching our Supplier Directory are actively looking for a solution to the product or service you are selling!

So that makes it the perfect place to ensure your business is featured prominently with some great copy to turn that looking into a lead!

Its Cost Effective!

Australian money

The contact centre industry is very competitive across all of the sub-industries that contribute to its success. From technology, recruitment, data suppliers, training, consultants etc – there are many businesses all vying for a piece of the action.

Google Adwords is often used by marketers as a lead generation source and being highly competitive, the prices of keywords reflect it! Call centre outsourcing terms can set you back over $50 per click and technology related terms can cost in excess of $100 per click!

And even when you’re prepared to pay, how many people just avoid the paid Google listings anyway?

When you see our prices below you’ll realise how much of a good deal our directory listings are!

The Power of Google

Google Logo

These days if your business is not ranking on the front page of Google you may as well not be there. With years of producing quality content and a deliberate Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Strategy Contact Centre Central is now ranking on the top page, and in many instances, the #1 position for plenty of cx and call centre related search terms.

So when someone types in ‘call centre technology Australia’ into Google for example, our directory appears either at the very top, or within the top three. And because we are vendor agnostic more people are likely to click through to our directory to see a list of everything that’s available. So having a listing in our directory enables your business to leverage off our great rankings without the huge expense!

And as an added bonus, having a paid directory listing with us will increase the rankings of YOUR website. Savvy marketers know the value of backlinks and we’ve been told its worth having a directory listing with us just for this benefit alone!

Open 24/7

Always open sign

With senior executives located around the world and with wide ranging working hours, you never know when they will be searching for solutions! Our supplier Directory is always on and with a variety of contact options available for our paid listings, you’ll never miss a lead again.

From direct links to your website or a custom landing page (which we can build for you as well) through to Social Media connections, contact forms, displaying your Sales/BDM direct contacts and more.

We do the advertising for you!

With over 25,000 contact centre professionals following us across our social media channels and over 35,000 page views of our website each month our Supplier Directory is constantly being promoted directly by us saving you advertising dollars!

In fact since we launched in January 2016 we’ve grown over 300% and each month our audience base continues to grow providing even greater exposure for your directly listing!

Self-Service with no favourites!

Brand, quality, trust, value

Our CX & Call Centre Supplier directory is the only free location on the internet to search and find all providers that specialise in servicing Australia and New Zealand in just seconds!

It enables customers to self-serve, at a pace that suits them and without any bias. There’s no hidden commissions or referral fees, no playing favourites – just a directory that is built to make it easy for customers to search and connect to suppliers in the area/category they need.

Choose from Four Directory Listing Levels

We offer four simple directory levels with the quoted price for a full 12 months. No more to pay, no referral commissions – nothing! Pay just once.


Just get your business name listed and a short description. No contact details enabled.

Starter $295

Add your company logo, website link, phone number and more words to describe your business.

Standard $695

All the Starter Benefits plus your very own page on our website that includes contact details for leads, Social Media Links, Head Office Details, 3 Key Selling Points and tender notification.

Premium $1,495

All the Standard Benefits plus the ability to include brochures, videos, photos, special offers,  contact forms, 4 direct links to your website (great for your SEO) and have your Whitepapers and Case Studies featured in our library.

Ready to get your business listed?